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Prepaid Gasoline & Diesel Rates
Each month the State of Michigan will be changing the Prepaid Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Rates. We will email the information to every client. You may also click here to view the rate change information. If you are in need of prior rates please contact us.

2019 Estimated Program Release Dates

PPT - 1st wk of Jan 2019
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Prepaid Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Rate Change

Program: MI Sales Tax Express Program

Subject: Prepaid Gasoline/Diesel Fuel Rates - April 2018

Effective April 1, 2018 the State of Michigan has updated the prepaid gasoline and diesel fuel rates as follows:

  • Prepaid Gasoline Rate: 13.0 cents per gallon
  • Prepaid Diesel Fuel Rate: 16.0 cents per gallon

  • To enter the rates - go into the program and select Setup, Configuration and then click on the Gasoline Retailer Rates tab. Enter the April rates of 13.0 in the Prepaid Gasoline Rate field and 16.0 in the Prepaid Diesel Fuel Rate field. Future months rate will also need to be entered and we will continue to e-mail those rates as they become available.

    The following is a link to the State of Michigan website providing more detail.

    For more information please see RAB2018-6

    2018 Rates

    January - Gasoline: 13.5 Diesel: 15.1
    February - Gasoline: 12.9 Diesel: 15.1
    March - Gasoline: 13.5 Diesel: 15.8

    2017 Rates

    January - Gasoline: 10.9 Diesel: 12.6
    February - Gasoline: 11.9 Diesel: 13.0
    March - Gasoline: 12.0 Diesel: 13.2
    April - Gasoline: 11.4 Diesel: 13.0
    May - Gasoline: 11.9 Diesel: 13.0
    June - Gasoline: 12.7 Diesel: 13.0
    July - Gasoline: 12.2 Diesel: 12.9
    August - Gasoline: 12.0 Diesel: 12.9
    September - Gasoline: 12.0 Diesel: 12.8
    October - Gasoline: 12.5 Diesel: 13.2
    November - Gasoline: 13.1 Diesel: 14.1
    December - Gasoline: 12.7 Diesel: 14.4

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