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2022 PPT Express Assessor Address Changes

We have been made aware the following township and City have incorrect Assessor Information: Tyrone Twp (Livingston County) and the city of Gobles (Van Buren County)

For Tyrone Township the correct street address is: 8420 Runyan Lake Rd
The City/State/Zip Code remain the same.

For the city of Gobles the correct City/State/Zip Code is: Gobles, MI 49055

Assessor address changes that we become aware of can now be updated automatically. PPT Express will notify users when entering the program of any address changes and the number of returns that will be affected. If the user allows the changes to be made the program will update the Assessor database and also the Assessor information in the return(s). If you prefer to turn this new feature off you can do so in Configuration.

If you prefer to make the changes manually please follow these instructions: To make any of the changes go into PPT Express 2022 and click on Setup and then Assessor Database; select that Assessor Name, make the changes and then click OK. Then go back into your file that needs an update to the Assessor Address, go to the Assessor tab and re-select that Assessing Unit. If you have already filed returns using the address included in our original database we recommend that they be re-filed by the due date of February 22, 2022.

If you know of any additional Assessor Address changes please e-mail us at: and we will post them to our website.