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Business Forms Express Updates

Date: November 20, 2023

Program: Business Forms Express 2023

Subject: Update Version 20.1

  • This update contains changes to the following forms: Form 4095 Request and Consent for Disclosure of Michigan Tax Return Information, Form 4506-T Request for Transcript of Tax Return

  • Our 2023 software now automatically checks for any updates when going into the program and if it finds any it will ask whether or not the update should be loaded. If you disabled auto update (this feature can be found in Setup/Configuration and then clicking on the General Tab; near the top right of the screen there is a check box: Always check for updates when going into program) then download the update following instructions below. If you allowed for Auto Update you can check to make sure you are now using Version 20.1 by clicking on Help and then About.

    To install update:

    If you are in MI Business Forms Express 2023 Please Exit

    After clicking the above link, a File Download window will open.

    Click Open or Run. If a Security Warning message opens, Click Run. *Please Note*: some browsers require you to save the file rather than run it. If your file was saved you will have to run it from wherever your downloads save to.

    An Installation Folder window will open.

    Change installation drive and folder to match where you originally installed the software

    Click Finish.

    The system will then ask to overwrite some files - click Yes to All. This update does not alter any client files; it only updates program files.

    A message: Package Delivered Successfully will open when update is completed.

    This will complete the update.

    You may re-enter the software. Click Help from the main menu bar and then click: About. The software should now say Ver 20.1

    Click here to download & update BSE23UPD_20_1.EXE