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Welcome to the MI Sales Tax Express Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you will find some of the questions we are most often asked. Click on the question to view the answer.

Question: My clients who have a Federal ID number starting with ME are having their returns rejected by the State. Why?

Answer: ME numbers have been discontinued and FEIN’s should be used for filing returns and making payments. A letter was sent to ME filers, and a copy is located on the State's website.

Question: When trying to E-file I am getting the following error: “userId: is not found. Please contact TaxTime USA Inc or email to [email protected]”. How do I fix this?

Answer: First you want to make sure you have re-registered the program. If you already have then you need to exit the program and then restart it. If you have not re-registered the program please do this using the Customer Number and Password provided in the email you were sent. Then you must exit the program and restart it.

Question: When I open the MI Sales Tax Express program I get a Fonts folder that opens. How do I get rid of that?

Answer: First you will need to get out of the program. Then go to the drive where you have installed Sales Tax, either your C drive or your network drive. Find the SLSTAX16 folder (or 15, depending on what year you are using), open that and then find the file st16.ini which if you are looking by type is a Configuration Settings file. Double click to open the file in Notepad. Inside you will find headers for different sections. For example the first line is [Database]. Find the one that is [General Setup]. Under that the 3rd line is the following: ; TerminalService = y. Remove the ; from the line and save the document.

Question: How do I check to see if my return has been accepted or rejected by the State?

Answer: You have two options in regards to this. Option 1: Go to Report in the toolbar and then down to E-File Status. This will show you all the returns you have E-filed. You can view those accepted and then those that are still pending or have been rejected. This report automatically refreshes each time you go into it. Option 2: On each clients Monthly/Quarterly worksheet and Annual return there is a box at the bottom of the screen that will show you the Submission information. You can click on Refresh to check and see if this return has been accepted or rejected.

Question: I scheduled a payment to come out of my client's bank account but the State has still not taken the payment. What do I do next?

Answer: First you will want to double check to make sure a payment was actually scheduled. If a payment was scheduled you would have seen a pop up when e-filing the return that would allow to you to print out a receipt showing the information about the scheduled payment. You can then use that information to contact the State. If you do not have that paper because it was not printed you can double check your return by going into your Client's return and then to the worksheet, at the bottom of the worksheet there is a box that shows you the e-file status. If you double click on the Submission ID it will open another window. You would then want to scroll down to the bottom of that window to see if your client's banking information was included on the return. If you do not see banking information then there is no payment coming out. You can then either amend the return to include payment or send in the payment voucher.

Question: How do I contact the State of Michigan if I have questions about my return or need to find out why they did not take my client's payment out?

Answer: The phone number to the State of Michigan Customer Care line is: (517) 636-6925