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Take a look at what people are saying about Tax Time Software...

"We’ve used Tax Time for all our client’s Personal Property tax forms for over 7 years. The software release is always timely and accurate with automatic data transfer from the prior year’s return. Great company, great support, great product for a very reasonable annual cost."

- Dawn R. Zwiers, Clinton Hop & Co., Inc.

"We are grateful to the people at Tax Time USA for their wonderful products. PPT Express has allowed us to really be productive, at a low cost to our clients."

- Carlos Abundis, II, Great Lakes Management Consultants, CPAs

"I've been using the Personal Property software for years!! It is easy to use, and it saves me a lot of time!!"

- Mark Matusz, CPA

"Our office has used TaxTime USA for their Sales/Use Tax program and Personal Property Tax Program for over 15 years. I do not know how our office would function properly without it. We are updated when changes come thru in regard to the programs and changes to the prepaid gasoline taxes via emails. The reports that are available for the programs we use are clear and to the point. The instructions are easy to follow for downloading and use of the programs. We have always been very satisfied with all facets of the company and its products. TaxTime USA products are number one in our office for the services we provide to our clients."

-Kim Weston, Hollander Ellison & Associates PC

"I have been using TaxTime software for a few years now. TaxTime really saves me a lot of time preparing taxes."

- Laura Niedzwiecki, Personalized Business Services, LLC

"I have been using TaxTime USA software for over 20 years. The sales tax program is the best in the industry. So easy to use and so easy to input data on special retailers such as Gas Station businesses. We tried to use Thomson Reuters sales tax software but it was no match with TaxTime USA software. Another program we have been using for many years is the Michigan Personal Property Tax program. Another great software that is by far superior to any other software in the industry."

- T J Eadeh, T J Eadeh, CPA, PLC

"I love the simplicity of the TaxTime program and the price is right for my little firm as well. Not much more to say than the simple truth."

- Amy Tilton, Accounting & Tax Advisory Services, LLC

"Perfect software for MI Sales & Use tax."

- Mukesh Modi, Dipu Consulting, Inc.

"Tax Time USA does a great job in keeping us updated with the sales tax and personal property tax software when there are any changes made by the State of Michigan."

- Peter Toma, Toma & Associates CPA, P.C.

"We have used PPT Express and Sales Tax Express for over 10 years. The pricing is reasonable, support is helpful, it’s very easy to install and user friendly. Great products!"

- Julie Maus, Brickley Delong, P.C.

"We use Tax Time for property taxes. Use of your program drastically reduced the time it takes me to do our PPT. Since we have numerous IFTs, I have about a dozen forms to do. Once reconciled to the general ledger, I can knock these out in a couple of hours."

- Pat Lykins, Dawlen Corporation.

"Our tax and accounting firms have a combined 40+ years in business and we have used several of the TaxTime USA products for many of these years. The software products are user-friendly and when any updates are necessary, we receive a detailed download, making for a smooth update in our computer network. We also purchase all our client employer year-end forms (W-s's, 1099's, etc.) and the related supplies from TaxTime USA and always find them to be of the highest quality. The sales and support team are knowledgeable and always go "the extra mile" to service their customers.

As an aside note...I want to also thank Tiffany for all the help she has given us over the years to make sure we order the correct products to meet our needs! She is such a pleasure to work with & always handles any questions we have immediately!"

- Kim Lindauer, Kim Hall & Associates

"PPT Express is easy to learn, quick to enter, fast to print, and reasonably priced. It is one of few tax applications that can claim all four. No, it's the only one that I can think of that's able to make those claims."

- Mike Chaffee, Customized Computer Accounting, Inc.

"Sales Tax Express has definitely simplified my life. I have instant access to all my clients sales tax records and filings for the year which provides easy access for problem solving."

- Sue Blizzard, Blizzard Business Service, Inc.

"Very happy with Sales Tax program. I save over $1000 in wages not having to manually prepare annuals
sales tax return."

- Ron Peltin, Universal Tax Consultant

"Great products, great support. Easy to use software. I love the personal property program best."
- Arleen, Arleen Mundy & Co.

"Great software and very user-friendly."

- Norman Gross, Norman Gross, P.C.

"Your Programs are very user friendly."

- Sam, Challangoe & Jabro, CPA's, P.C.

"PPT program works great at a reasonable price."

- Jim Cummins, Cantwell, Cummins & Company, P.C.

"We have been satisfied with your products for years."

- Joyce Christian, CCAS Consulting Group, Inc.

"I love the City Express tax program."

- Ernest, E AN E, Inc.

"I'm glad I switched my sales tax program to Tax Time."

- Corey Geyman, Forest Area Services LLC

"Your programs are excellent and very easy to install and use."

- Patricia Schmidt, D.W. Schmidt & Associates

"MI Sales Tax program is fast and easy to use."

- James Dammann, James H. Dammann, CPA

"Our experience with PPT Express has been great year after year."

- Cathy Otterson, Norman & Paulsen, P.C.

"Great value for dollars invested."

- Pat Zoyhofski, Patricia L. Zoyhofski Accounting, Inc.

"Good Software."

- Vipin Gulati, Vipin Gulati, C.P.A., P.C.