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Question - When I first go into my program I get a Unicode Font error window. What do I do to fix this?
Answer - All you need to do is get out of the program you are in and then right click on the program icon and select Run As Administrator. You will only have to do this one time.

Question - Every time I go into my software I get a message that the program is a DEMO even though I am a registered user/and or when I print the word VOID prints on each page. Why?
Answer - You have not registered the program or for some reason the system unregistered itself. From within the software click on SETUP and then on REGISTER you will be requested to enter in your company id & password or you can manually enter in your company information and password provided with the software. Do so and click OK. This will complete the registration process. If you do not have your registration information please e-mail us your request to: [email protected]

Question - I have a network version but each station is running very slow. Is there anything I can do?
Answer - Install the software to each station and have each station point to the database on the network. See section in the manual for Program & Database Location for more information.

Question - My data from last year is on a different computer than this year's program. How can I get last year's data to proforma on the new machine?
Answer - There are two ways. One is to go into last year's program on the old machine and use our Backup feature to back up last year's files onto a floppy disk. Make sure last year's program is loaded on the new machine and then use the Restore feature. Then escape out of last yea's program and go into the current years software and Proforma. The second and probably easier way is to use Microsoft Explorer to copy the client database to a floppy. For Example: The file to copy from the PPT Express 2010 folder is ppt2010.mbd. If you copy this file to a floppy you can then go into the new computer and proforma from this floppy.

Question - I am using a site version of the software. Can I move the database to my network if only one person will be using the software?
Answer - You can load the software directly to your network so that the database (and the program) will be on the network. Or, you can load the software to your local drive and them move only the database to your network. You will have to carefully follow the directions in the manual regarding moving the database. See section in the manual for Program & Database Location for more information.