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2020 941/Unemployment Express Updates

Date: January 28, 2021

Program: 2020 941/MI Unemployment Express Update 16.14 & 2020 W-/1099 Express 9.6

Subject: Update 16.14 and W-2/1099 Express Ver 9.6 Update

Dear TaxTime USA, Inc. Customer,

  • This update now allows Form 940 returns that have checked the box: No Payments to Employees in 2020 to be e-filed. Previously an e-file error stopped these type of returns from processing.

  • This update also now opens up our new Print, Mail and E-file service for W-2’s and 1099’s. This is an all in one service that can be used for customers that want to e-file W-2’s and/or 1099’s but are not registered with the IRS Fire System or SSA BSO system. The service can also be used for customers that are looking for a service that will print and mail recipient copies in addition to e-filing those returns to IRS/SSA. For more information about this new service follow the below link or copy it into your browser.


  • This update also includes all prior updates. Including the Form 940 update and W2/1099 update for those that purchase that module. If you haven’t yet re-registered to activate the W-2/1099 update please follow the Registration Instructions in our previous e-mail.

  • NOTE: The new Form 1099-NEC for non-employee compensation reporting is not part of the combined federal/state 1099 filing program. The State of Michigan has not yet made available information on how to submit state copies of Form 1099-NEC. We will send an e-mail to all our users as soon as the State provides this information.

  • NOTE: If you will be e-filing Form 1099-MISC or 1099-R the State of Michigan participates in the combined federal/state 1099 filing program which means that State Employer copies of these forms will not have to be separately submitted to the State as the IRS will automatically forward the information to them. However, the IRS requires that each new submitter send a test file and be approved prior to submitting actual files. Please follow the instructions in the Quickstart for creating and submitting 1099 and W-2 files (including test files) - 1099’s: Creating 1099 submittable files and W-2’s: Creating W-2 submittable files.

  • Our 2020 software now automatically checks for any updates when going into the program and if it finds any it will ask whether or not the update should be loaded. If you allowed for Auto Update you can check to make sure you are now using Version 16.14 by clicking on Help and then About. W-2/1099 stand-alone version should be 9.6. If you disabled auto update (this feature can be found in Setup/Configuration and then clicking on the General Tab; near the top right of the screen there is a check box: Always check for updates when going into program) then download the update following instructions below.

    To Install Update:

    If you are in 2020 941/MI Unemployment Express - Please Exit.

    After clicking the below link, a File Download window will open.

    Click Open or Run. If a Security Warning message opens, Click Run. *Please Note*: some browsers require you to save the file rather than run it. If your file was saved you will have to run it from wherever your downloads save to.

    An Installation Folder window will open.

    You will need to accept our License Agreement to continue the download. Click Next after you have done that.

    Change installation drive and folder to match where you originally installed the software

    Click Next.

    The window will then show you were the update is being installed to. Click Next to continue.

    A message: Installation Successful will open when update is completed.

    Click on Finish.

    You may re-enter the software. Click Help from the main menu bar and then in click About. The software should now say Ver. 16.14 for 941/MI Unemployment Express or 9.6 for W-2/1099 Express.

    For Users with Both 941/MI Unemployment & W-2/1099 Express please refer to the email you were sent as you must re-register your program to activate the W-2/1099 Express program.

    Click here to download & update UE20UPD_16_14.EXE

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