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MI Sales Tax Express E-File Instructions

  • Go to Setup – Configuration – Firm Address. Enter your company’s Federal ID number in the field provided.
  • After completing the return you can begin the e-filing process. You can only e-file one return at a time.
  • The Signer Name on the General Information screen has now been updated to break out the Signer Name’s first, middle initial and last name.
  • From within the Sales & Use Tax Worksheet screens there is now an E-file area at the bottom of each screen.
  • You may have to use the right scroll bar to see all of this new area.
  • In order to successfully e-file a return all fields must be entered:
    • Signature Date
    • Is Return Done, done date and done by
    • Tax Return Signer Name (this will auto fill for months not yet opened – if you have already entered data for the month you will have to enter this information)
    • Title
  • Click on the E-file button.
  • The program then validates the file – if there are any validation errors a screen will come up telling you what they are. Fix any validation issues and then click the e-file button again.
  • If return passes all validation tests a message will come up: Return passes validation. Do you want to e-file this return now? Yes No
  • Click Yes if ready to e-file.
  • The Status area at bottom of screen should populate. It may take a few seconds so you can hit the Refresh button after a couple of seconds if t doesn’t automatically populate.
  • Hitting the Refresh button within any file updates the entire e-file system.
  • The Status Area provides information regarding submission date, date sent to State and date approved by State.
  • The State approves (or rejects) files within 24 – 48 hours.
  • E-file Status Report
    • From the top task bar select Report, then select E-file Status.
    • The report will default to the Default month you are working on, change if necessary.
    • The report defaults to All Status, meaning all e-filed reports will be shown.
    • To view Pending/Rejected clients click on the that button and hit Retrieve.
    • You can print Reports by clicking on the Printer icon.

E-Pay Instructions

If you are E-paying with your return you will want to make sure your client’s banking information is entered in the Financial Info button that is on their General Information screen.

Very Important - When you are getting ready to e-file a return you will want to check the “E-paying with e-filing return?” checkbox and then enter in a Requested Payment Date which is included in the Tax Return Signer area. Then continue to follow the instructions above on e-filing.