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E-File & E-Pay Instructions
To activate the E-file function in the 2017 MI Sales Tax Express:

• You have to re-register the program using the Customer Number and password provided in the email you were sent.
• Once you have re-registered you MUST exit the program and restart it.

Information regarding Sales Tax Licenses for your clients

For your client to obtain their Sales Tax License they can do one of the following:
• Contact the registration unit at 517-636-6925 and one can be printed and mailed to them (If they are not registered and using the MTO website)
• Or they can go onto the MTO website to access and print a copy of the sales tax license under the correspondence tab.

Click here to view the changes made to Sales/Use/WH tax filings starting in 2015:

• The monthly/quarterly coupons have been replaced with a full page return – Form 5080.
• The Worksheet is now two pages – Form 5095.
• Total prepaid amounts for Gasoline retailers and Vehicle Dealers now transfer to Form 5080 on line 3a and all discounts, including the sales tax, gasoline retailer and vehicle dealer now transfer to line 3.
• Mandatory e-filing for Gasoline Retailer and Vehicle Dealer returns: If either of these returns is included in the monthly/quarterly filing the entire Sales/Use/WH return must be e-filed. When either of these forms is included within the monthly screen these forms will print with the notation: DO NOT PAPER FILE, YOU MUST E-FILE THIS RETURN.
• E-filing capabilities are not included in our initial version as the State has not completed their site. We are working very closely with the State and will continue to update our users on when this will be completed and available as an update to our software.
• E-filing is optional for monthly/quarterly/annual returns.
• Balance due amounts can be paid on-line for e-filed returns, but are not mandatory.
• Voucher payments – Form 5094, should be used when e-filed returns require payment and the payment is being mailed in. Only the voucher would be mailed in these circumstances.
• Gasoline Retailer and Vehicle Dealer information are now included in each month’s input screen by clicking on the Form tabs – Form 5085 (Gasoline Retailer) & Form 5086 (Vehicle Dealer)
• Amended monthly/quarterly Sales/Use/WH returns (Form 5092) are new this year and can be created within the same worksheet screens by checking the “Amended Return” box at the top of the page. When checked an “Amended Info” button becomes available – click on it to enter necessary information. The same option is available for amending Annual Returns (Form 5082)
• New Instruction Letters included in this year’s program.

Click here to view the enhancements to the 2016 MI Sales Tax Express:

• Addition of E-Filed and E-filed Status fields in the Browse Window.
• Defaults Area on General Information screen that allows you to default check the E-file Return, Print Pay Voucher or E-paying Return check boxes for the entire year. You also have the option of selecting a Default Payment Date for the entire year. *Please note* If you are currently working on a return and go to check any of those boxes you will need to check them on the return you are working on as it will only mark those months that have not been created
• Addition of State Submission ID in the E-file Status box on the Worksheet. This will help when calling the State about your return. The State Submission ID is the number you would give them so that they can pull your return.
• By clicking on the Customer Submission ID in the E-file Status box you will bring up and XML file that will show you exactly what has been sent to the State. This will allow you to check to make sure a payment was sent on prior returns if you do not have the Requested Payment Receipt.
• The H Refresh button allows for you to do a Hard Refresh if your e-file status was not updated by clicking on Refresh. This happens when the program is installed on multiple computers that are not networked.
• Print button on the Worksheet that allows you to print the XML file for your records.
• Pop-up window that allows you to double check your clients banking information before sending the return to the State.

Helpful Hints

  • Annual Returns for Annual Filers - If you are filing an Annual Return for a client who is an Annual Filer you need to first put the return information on the Annual Return Worksheet. Once you save this it will then populate over to the Annual Return, then you can make any changes to the figures. If you do no do this then your Annual Return will be rejected.

  • Gasoline Retailers who are Annual Filers - If you have a client who is a Gasoline Retailer and they only file Annually you will need to do their return on the State of Michigan MTO website. The State does not allow us to attach the Fuel Supplemental Report to the Annual Return.

  • Voucher payments - Form 5094, should be used when e-filed returns require payment and the payment is being mailed in. Also, the State has just confirmed with us that it is ok to use the Payment Voucher for early payment purposes (instead of using the Discount Voucher that may have been used in prior years). We will be including an Early Payment Voucher option in our next update. The correct mailing address for all Payment Voucher payments is the one on that form: Michigan Department of Treasury, PO Box 30406, Lansing, MI 48909-7906. To access the Payment Voucher Instruction Letter - from the Worksheet screen click on the e-file and Print Pay Voucher boxes at the top left of the screen.

  • In no circumstances should a Payment Voucher be sent with a paper return - Form 5080.

  • The State has eliminated the CIT estimate payment line on the monthly/quarterly return, accordingly that field is not in this year’s program.

  • The State has eliminated the Tax Collected in Excess line on the monthly worksheets, accordingly that field is not in this year’s program, however the State has retained this line on the Annual Return.

  • The Gasoline Retailer (Form 5085) and Vehicle Dealer (Form 5086) forms are now found on the Sales/Use Tax Worksheet screens on the top right of each month’s screen by checking the Form 5085 or 5086 box. The input screens then open up for data entry and computations.