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2021 PPT Express Updates

Date: June 16, 2021

Program: PPT Express

Subject: PPT Express Update Version 23.3 - ESA Update

Dear TaxTime USA, Inc. Customer,

  • This update contains Personal Property Tax (PPT) Essential Services Assessment (ESA) update that will allow users to prepare, e-file and e-pay 2021 ESA returns.

  • Due to new IRS security rules PPT has incorporated Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Please download the ESA Quick Start for more information on setting this up.

  • If you will be e-paying for your clients - Bank account and routing numbers will need to be entered in the ESA main screen. Proforma'd files will have this information filled in using last year's information. We recommend that you review this screen for accuracy - from the ESA main screen click on the E-Pay Banking button.

  • To update PPT using our Auto Update feature open the PPT Express Program and click “Yes” when asked to download and install the ESA update. If you have successfully downloaded and installed the ESA update version 23.3 through PPT Express’ auto update feature you do not need to run the update again. You may want to download the ESA Quick Start by clicking on the link below. If the update did not complete successfully using the auto update feature click on the link below to manually update PPT Express.

  • NOTE – All PPT Express customers should download and install this update even if they will not be filing any ESA returns. This update version 23.3 (and possibly any further 2021 updates) will be required to be installed in order to proforma when next year’s PPT Express 2022 is released.

  • This update contains all prior updates.

  • View the 2021 ESA Quickstart here

  • To install update:

    After clicking the below link, a File Download window will open.

    Click Open or Run. If a Security Warning message opens, Click Run. *Please Note*: some browsers require you to save the file rather than run it. If your file was saved you will have to run it from wherever your downloads save to.

    An Installation Folder window will open.

    You will need to accept our License Agreement to continue the download. Click Next after you have done that.

    Change installation drive and folder to match where you originally installed the software

    Click Next.

    The window will then show you where the update is being installed to. Click Next to continue.

    A message: Installation Successful will open when update is completed.

    Click on Finish.

    You may re-enter the software. Click Help from the main menu bar and then click: About. The software should now say Ver 23.3

    Click here to download & update PPT21_UPD_23_3.EXE

Prior Year PPT Express Updates

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